Saturday, May 2, 2009

A HUGE Success

During the school day, we finished pricing and packing the Metro truck. The truck left for the field around two o'clock, where some of the parents started setting up. By 3:30, most all of the kids had arrived to help out. Most of the customers came during the time that we were holding up our signs and calling at the top of our voices. 

At about 6:30, we took a break to eat hot dogs and chips, and then resumed our positions. We started wrapping up the things that were left at about 7:00. The remaining items were loaded back into the truck and driven to the nearest Salvation Army drop-off location. A small group of people swiftly unloaded the truck before going home around 8:00.

We were greatly rewarded for all of our efforts over the past months with $1052. That's over twice our goal of $500! I'd really like to thank Mrs. McIntosh for helping with this huge project. None of this could have been possible without her!

Holding up our signs
Sorting items
The money collection station

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Anonymous said...

I am very excited that we were able to raise that much. I there and I almost don't believe it. Way to go!!!!!!!!!